Exploring Venice before you get to Venice

I’ll be spending a few days in Venice, Italy during the first part of August.  Some travelers like to travel with no planning, but I’m not one of those types of travelers. When traveling to a new place, I like to learn as much about the destination as I can before I get there.  In my search for information about Venice, I found a very useful web site for getting a look at the city before I get there.

The web site is operated by the city of Venice and it has a link to a virtual tour of the city right in your web browser.  The web site can be found at City of Venice.  By using this virtual tour, you can walk the streets of Venice and see the sights almost as though you were actually walking in Venice.  I’ve been able to find the hotels where I will be staying and I’ve also found some restaurants I’d like to try.

With all the narrow streets and alleys in Venice, visitors describe the city as a place where it is easy to get lost.  Since Venice is essentially an island with canals running through it, even if you get lost, you can’t really go very far.  But I don’t like getting lost, even if it is in Venice.  After using the online virtual tour, I should be able to find my way around without getting lost.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Venice, give the city’s web site a try.

UPDATE 08/15/2011: If you have never been to Venice and you are planning a visit, I highly recommend spending some time on the virtual tour site.  After spending some time virtually wandering around Venice, I found I was not disoriented when I actually got to the real Venice.  I still got turned around a couple of times, but at least I was able to recognize some landmarks.  If you like the idea of being lost in Venice, you can discount my suggestion.  I have no doubt that this made my stay in Venice a lot more enjoyable.

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