E-mail messages that ask to be forwarded

I have a few friends and family members who forward e-mail messages to me occasionally.  These messages are ones that have been received from a contact and the message usually speaks of a political issue or a warning to watch out for something.  The latest one I received suggested that it should be forwarded to everyone in my address book because “VOTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.”  But, as is usually the case with these types of messages, very little of the message was actually true.

Why is it most people think that whatever is received from or read on the Internet is automatically the truth?  When I research these messages, and I research each one I receive, I frequently find that the message has been circulating around the Internet for months or even years.  It is quite easy to find the truth by doing a search using your favorite search engine.

Since these message frequently seek to inflame the reader, I know I will continue to see these types of messages being forward to my e-mail account.  If someone decides that they want to forward a message, they should consider how this action reflects on their credibility.

My suggestion is to make sure the content of a message is true before you continue its distribution.  You will protect your credibility if you do.

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