Fundraising in Politics

The evening news last night had a report about the amount of money that has been raised by each of the front-running campaigns for president during the period of July through September 2011.  The report also listed the amount of cash each campaign had at the end of September 2011.

GOP                      Raised July-Sept 2011              Cash Sept 2011

Perry                          $17,200,232                                  $15,079,415

Romney                    $14,222,570                                  $14,656,965

Paul                              $8,268,499                                     $3,674,768

Cain                              $2,813,341                                     $1,333,778


Obama                      $42,090,011                                  $61,403,710

When you add up the funds that were raised by these candidates during the 3-month period, the total is more than $84.5 million.  And what will all this money be used for? It will be used for advertising so that each candidate can describe what a good president they would be and how bad of a choice the other candidates are.  Who out there doesn’t think this is crazy?  The huge amount of money that has been spent and will be spent on political campaigns is mind-boggling.

With all of the needs in this country, it certainly seems to me that this money could be used for something better than political advertising.  The next time you are considering a donation to a political campaign, think about what that money could do for a charity instead.

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