Japan’s Marine Mammal Slaughter

When you think of whales and dolphins, what comes to mind?  These mammals are different from the other creatures that live in the oceans.  Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent.  This intelligence means nothing to many in Japan, who make money from the capture and killing of these creatures.

Each December, Japan sends a fleet of harpoon ships to an area known as a whale sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean.  Their purpose there is to kill whales.  They say they are doing this in the name of scientific research.  What they are actually doing is killing whales so that they can sell the whale meat.  I’ve never been able to figure out why they hide behind the label of scientific research.  They seem to believe they can do whatever they want and that they do not have to answer to anyone.

Apparently they don’t have to answer to anyone because there is no government on the planet that will challenge what they are doing.  The only challenge they get in Antarctica comes from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  Sea Shepherd  significantly reduced the number of whales killed last season.  Even with their intervention, the Japanese killed over 200 Minke whales.  The Japanese reported that over 96% of the Minke whales were pregnant.  How can any civilized human being participate in what they are doing?

I monitor a number of Twitter feeds.  One of the feeds I read daily is @SeaShepherd.  Sea Shepherd has members stationed in town known as Taiji, on the southeast coast of Japan.  On a daily basis from September through March, fisherman round up dolphins of the coast of Japan.  They drive the dolphins into a harbor and they kill and butcher them.  The only dolphins driven into the cove that are not killed are ones that they sell to buyers from around the world.

It is sad to read the Twitter feed every day with reports of the number of dolphins that are slaughtered every day.  There is a good article about what these Japanese fisherman are doing at http://www.celsias.com/article/dolphins-slaughtered-taiji/ .

Sea Shepherd will be back to oppose the Japanese in the Antarctica again in December.  This time, the Japanese have spent $27 million Australian to beef up their ships’ security.  Considering all of the aid Japan accepted after the earthquake and tsunami they experienced, the amount of money they are spending to kill whales is obscene.

If you disagree with this senseless slaughter, as I do, consider giving support to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  That’s not all you can do if you find this “fishing” as distasteful as I do.  The fisherman in Taiji make a significant amount of money selling dolphins to the entertainment industry.  If you boycott places like Sea World or any facility that keeps dolphins and whales in captivity for entertainment purposes, you will not be helping the Japanese to profit from their barbaric practices.

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