What has happened to the Planet Green channel?

I don’t watch a lot of television.  In fact, if it was not for the rest of my family, I probably would not subscribe to the television service we now have.  Most of my news and entertainment comes over the Internet.  But since we do have DirecTV, there are a few channels that I check for interesting programming.

Planet Green was one of the channels where I would frequently find interesting programs, at least of interest to me.  However, it looks like green programming wasn’t making enough money for the owner of Planet Green, which is Discovery Communications, LLC.  This is the same company that owns the Discovery Channel and a few others.  The programs I especially liked on Planet Green were the ones showing homes that are “off the grid.”

I recently checked the program guide for Planet Green and I didn’t see a single program that had anything to do with being green.  Well, that’s not completely true.  There was a program on last night titled “Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?”  I guess that would fit if they were talking about little green men.

I do not believe that the civilization on Earth is the only civilization in the Universe.  But this “documentary” that aired on Planet Green was nothing more than a production designed to get people to watch.  As far as I could see, it had no informational value and I turned it off after about 1/4 of the way through the program.  I guess I’m back to searching the Internet for good programming to watch.

One thought on “What has happened to the Planet Green channel?

  1. I agree, not only is there a “dumbing down” happening here in America, its all over television! Nothing but cheesy dumb reality shows, phony haunted house shows and other junk. When I was young there were shows on public tv that actually taught how to do woodworking, how to fix stuff, how to plant a garden and grow food. Planet Green used to be decent a couple years ago, but i has left its moral compass to seek higher viewership ratings. Oh well another sellout. Not surprised.

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