A Broken Political System

The U.S. Congress continues to show that they are not capable of accomplishing anything meaningful. At a time when this country should be leading the way toward finding sustainable alternatives to the use of oil, big oil interests continue to exert their influence on our government.  It appears that there are plenty of members of Congress who are ready to advance the agenda of the oil companies.

Last month, President Obama delayed approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline until sometime in 2013, so that an independent review of the project could be undertaken.  Obviously, the oil companies didn’t like this. Republicans have now decided to package up several bills into one, which includes the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, extension of the payroll tax reduction, and extension of unemployment benefits.  By doing this, they force the President to veto the extension of the payroll tax reduction and unemployment benefits, or he can sign the bill, which approves the Keystone XL Pipeline.  I get the feeling that these politicians think of their jobs as nothing more than a gigantic game of chess.

Instead of questioning pay and benefits received by public safety employees, there should be outrage at the pay and benefits that members of Congress receive.  Now that’s a waste of the taxpayers’ money.

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