Travel Bookings – You Get What You Pay For

A travel e-newsletter I read this morning had an article about a traveler who had problems with airline reservations booked on one of the many travel services you can find on the Internet. This particular case involved airline reservations made through a travel site called CheapOAir.  Apparently, the initial reservation generated a confirmation, but a check on a later date revealed that the traveler’s credit card charge had been declined and the reservation was canceled without any notice.  The traveler was upset because he wasn’t advised of the problem.  I can’t imagine anyone actually making travel reservations with a company called CheapOAir.

The last thing anyone wants, while they’re on vacation, is to have reservations end up being wrong or missing.  It is not uncommon for travelers to have this problem with reservations made through third-party travel web sites.  When I make travel reservations, I usually deal directly with the company providing the actual travel service I want to use, whether it’s airline flights or hotel accommodations.  You may be able to save money by using a third-party travel web site.  You have to decide whether the possibility of reservation problems is worth what you save on the cost.

I definitely wouldn’t trust my reservations to any company that had the word “cheap” in its name.  For travel on a particular airline, buying a ticket directly from that airline ensures that there is no finger-pointing when you check in.  In my opinion, any amount I would save by using a third-party site would not be worth the possibility of problems with reservations while on vacation.  The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.

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