You Know You’re Addicted to Flying When…

Recently, I found a post on a web site called, which I found to be particularly appropriate to describe my love of flying.  I added a few of my own.

You know you’re addicted to flying when…

…you almost crash your car because you’re craning your neck to look at a landing aircraft.
…you notice airport codes on license plates.
…you recognize planes at 33000 ft above your house.
…before you board an aircraft, you already know the exact type of aircraft it is, the seating arrangement, and probably what kind of food is available.
…you can tell what type of aircraft is coming along by the sound it makes.
…you get in your car and find that it drives itself to the airport.
…you build a spotting platform on the roof of your house.
…you give a report to the passengers in your car when you turn on the cruise control, including the current outside temperature, expected route of travel and ETA.
…you’re planning a family vacation and choose a flight itinerary with the most connections.
…you arrive at the airport in the morning on your departure day for a flight that doesn’t leave until late afternoon.
…you make a game out of going through security to see if you can get through without interruption.
… you can give your traveling companions the status of your flight before it shows up on any airport display.
…you have a picture of the last plane you flew on or the next one you will fly on as your computer’s wallpaper.
…you are on a flight and your seat neighbor asks to be relocated because you won’t stop talking about airplanes.
…for a trip from Seattle to New York, you choose to fly over the Pacific Ocean.
…you refuse to stay anywhere other than an airport hotel.
…you pre-flight your car before you drive anywhere.
…you have written more than 5 ways that you’re addicted to flying.
…you have to write about it in your blog.

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