The Politics of Contradiction

Integrity is not a word that comes to my mind when I think about politics in the United States.  I’m sure this is the case for politics in general, but since I live in the U.S., politics in this country affects me the most.

A friend on Facebook posted a photo yesterday that shows President Obama and the First Lady sitting with their 2 children.  They seem like a happy family, at least they look happy in the photo.  It’s probably not easy being a family while living in the White House, but they are a family none-the-less.  The caption at the bottom of the photo says, “Doesn’t it seem strange that the family values party wants to replace a man who adores his family with a serial adulterer?”

I do not belong to any political party and I don’t have any use for either of the 2 major political parties in this country.  It is sad to think the political party, which claims to be the one to champion family values, hates our current president so much that they would consider choosing a leader who is the complete opposite of what the party claims to fight for.  What an odd time we live in.  I don’t particularly want to relive the past, but wouldn’t it be nice to return to a time when integrity really meant something?

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