So, the President is responsible for gasoline prices?

During the past few days, I’ve been seeing news reports about the declining approval rating of President Obama.  A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that President Obama’s approval rating has dropped from 50% to 46%.  The pollsters say the reason is rising gasoline prices.  Fifty percent of the people who answered this poll felt that President Obama could do more to lower gasoline prices.  In the poll, 26% approve of how he has handled the energy situation and 65% disapprove.

I have accepted the reality quite some time ago that this country will never move away from the use of gasoline as a fuel until there is little or no gasoline left to burn.  Unfortunately, when we reach the point where gasoline becomes scarce, it will be too late to switch to something else.  There will be a collapse of our society.  It is inevitable.

We have used petroleum fuels for over 100 years and I imagine it would take at least a decade to change our infrastructure to function on a new energy source.  The change to a new energy source just isn’t going to happen as long as you have the majority of the citizens in this country clamoring for lower gasoline prices and blaming the President for not delivering those lower gasoline prices.

It’s clear that the amount of available oil has declined.  If there was still plenty of oil, you would not have an oil company in Canada utilizing a difficult process to extract oil from tar sands. The price of oil will continue to rise and there is nothing that the president can do to keep this from happening as long as everyone in the world is grabbing the oil as fast as it is extracted.

I would love to be living in a time when clean, renewable energy is used instead of oil, but that’s unlikely to be a reality in my lifetime.  Either way, the cost of energy will increase.  The ones who will really suffer are those in the next generation.  They will have to deal with the collapse that will happen when there isn’t enough oil to go around.  And my generation will be responsible for their pain because all we were concerned about was cheap gasoline.

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