Some charities waste money trying to get more money.

There are a few charities to which I make regular contributions.  Those charities have causes I think are particularly worthy and they don’t constantly hound me, trying to get even more money.  Every once in a while, an issue comes up or a special appeal is made and I will make a donation to a charity that I don’t regularly support.  Unfortunately, now I have a post office box full of solicitations almost every time I pick up the mail.

I like to donate to worthy causes.  At least that’s the case when I don’t get the impression that the charity is wasting the money they collect.  Today, when I picked up my mail from the post office box, I had 6 envelopes from charitable organizations, all of them asking for more money.  Two of the envelopes were from the same organization.  I have previously spoken to charities that send “gifts” in their solicitations, such as return address labels, refrigerator magnets, calendars, and a host of other unnecessary items.  I’ve been told that they receive more from the solicitations than it costs for them to send out this stuff.  It just seems like a waste of the money that is being donated for a particular cause.  I’m sure people don’t donate with the intention that their money should be used to solicit more donations.

There is a huge amount of unnecessary paper that is sent through the postal service every day.  How much of the mail you typically receive is just thrown away?  In my situation, I toss about 90% of what I receive in my postal box into the recycle bin.  And a fair amount of that waste is solicitations from charitable organizations.

I can safely say that these solicitation campaigns are not convincing me to make more donations.  It has the opposite effect.  After I receive so many solicitations from a particular charity, I’m no longer likely to support that charity.  If only they would get the message when they don’t hear from me and stop sending all this stuff.

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