Viking River Cruises travel documents unboxed

The day of departure for my cruise with Viking River Cruises (VRC) is fast approaching.  VRC’s web site says that travelers can expect their travel documents about 3 weeks prior to departure.  I received mine a little over 4 weeks before my embarkation date.  Having been on 14 prior ocean cruises, this cruise proves to be a new experience, which has started with the travel documents.

For ocean cruises, travel documents have always included cruise tickets.  I found when I received my travel documents from VRC that there is no cruise ticket.  The travel document package was delivered by FedEx and did not require a signature.


Upon opening the box, I found the following items; a page listing the contents of the box, a lanyard with name tag, luggage tags, a travel wallet, an itinerary booklet, and a booklet about the region of France surrounding the Seine River.







That is what you get in the travel documents box from VRC.  The itinerary book has confirmations about what I booked with VRC.  It also has a complete description of the cruise itinerary, something that I had already pieced together from other resources on the Internet.  The last pages are the standard legal cruise contract that you get when you go on any cruise.

VRC provides included excursions at each port of call.  There are some optional excursions that are available for an additional cost.  One excursion I plan to take is the trip to the Palace of Versailles.  The itinerary booklet shows that excursion with an added cost of 79€ per person.

The book about the Seine region has some very interesting information.  There is a whole section that provides a list of landmarks along the Seine River, from the middle of Paris almost to the Atlantic Ocean.  This will be helpful during my cruise as I will be able to identify how far away from Paris I am at any point along the cruise.

The travel wallet is a nice thought, but it is not what I would choose to take on a trip.  I was impressed that my name tag had my name as I prefer to be called, not what is on my driver’s license.  Apparently the cruise consultant who took my booking was paying attention.

Now that the travel documents have arrived, it’s definitely time to pull out the suitcase and start packing!

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