My tax dollars are going where?

The latest news out of Egypt is that the military has again stepped in and removed the president from office.  They installed the leader of the Egyptian Supreme Court as the interim president.  This news was not surprising to me as the political situation in Egypt has been unstable for some time.  What was surprising was a comment in the article of how much financial aid the United States has planned to give Egypt this year.

Last May, the United States apparently pledged to give Egypt $1.3 BILLION in military aid.  After seeing this, a question came to mind.  Why is a country that is in debt in the neighborhood of $16.7 TRILLION giving such a large amount of money to another country?  The United States seems to be adding debt at the rate of about $2.4 billion per day and no one sees a problem with this?

The infrastructure in this country is in need of attention and the government is sending money we don’t have to other countries.  I travel a lot, much of it by highway when I’m traveling in California.  Our highways are in terrible shape and the government does not seem to be concerned about keeping up with maintenance.  A bridge from the 1950’s recently collapsed in Washington state after a truck struck some low support beams.  The news reports for this incident suggested that the government was aware that the bridge was outdated and needed to be replaced.  Sorry, we don’t have money to fix such things because we need to send money to Egypt’s military.

I know several people who are not very responsible when it comes to managing their finances.  Perhaps there are so many people in financial trouble because they have been following the example set by our government.

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