Can you believe that Red Sox fan?

Since neither of my MLB teams made it to the post-season, I had to pick a team from those playing to cheer on. I chose the Detroit Tigers, primarily because Torii Hunter played for the Angels until this year and I’d like to see him make it to the World Series.

Tonight is game 2 of the ALCS between Boston and Detroit in Boston. In the top of the 6th inning, Detroit had a man on 2nd base and Alex Avila was up to bat. Avila hit a home run into the stands in right field, giving Detroit a 5-0 lead.

It is not uncommon for home fans to throw a homerun ball back onto the field if the visitors hit the ball. That’s what happened tonight. But what I saw in the replay of the stands was hard to believe.

The replay showed that a lady had caught the ball. Also shown was a guy behind her who grabbed the ball out of the lady’s hands and tossed the ball back onto the field. I’ve seen a lot of rude baseball fans, but this guy was beyond rude.  It’s too bad the announcers on Fox didn’t notice what happened.

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