Dreaming of TV freedom

During the past 2 years, my wife and I were making plans to relocate to Washington State. We’d settled on a community, put our house up for sale, and had a buyer ready to buy our house.

Unfortunately, this adventure didn’t end up the way I thought it would.  When it came down to negotiating the offer, it turned out my wife wasn’t ready to move after all.  For the sake of domestic harmony, I cancelled our home listing.  It was one of the top disappointments of my life.

During my preparation for the move, I bought electronic subscriptions to 2 local newspapers.  I still read those papers instead of newspapers from where I’m living now.  I also started watching news broadcasts from stations serving my new, anticipated home.  Many television stations around the country stream their news broadcasts over the Internet.  This preparation made me feel as though Washington was already home, which is probably why it was such a letdown when it didn’t happen.

So, now I am living someplace that doesn’t feel like home, but I’m still connected to my adopted home.  This is courtesy of newspaper e-subscriptions and Internet TV.  Too bad I can’t watch more than just the news.

The technology exists now to provide any type of TV programming over the Internet for viewing on a multitude of devices.  How would it be if you lived in Los Angeles, but preferred to watch TV from New York?  The technology is here, now, to make that happen, but it doesn’t.  The government, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that programming broadcasted to a local audience can’t be shown to viewers in competing local markets.  By doing this, the government forces you to watch local stations, even if you would prefer to watch a station in a different local area.

Wouldn’t you think that TV stations would strive to have the largest possible audience?  No, we must protect the local stations, like the one where I currently live.

In the county where I live, there is one network television station. In my opinion, the quality of their programming is consistent with what you might expect from a high school TV station.  The other 2 major networks are represented by stations that are out of reach for me to get signals over the air. Since I can get those stations if I subscribe to a pay television service, like cable or satellite, I am not allowed to watch network programming from any source but these local affiliates.

With the technology of today, how wonderful would it be if we could subscribe to programming from whichever community was our choice?  That is something I dream of. It’s not likely to happen in my lifetime.  But it’s nice to dream just the same.

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