Exit Full Screen in Windows 10

I got my notice from Microsoft that I could install Windows 10 yesterday.  I must say, it was the easiest Microsoft upgrade I’ve ever experienced.  I had a complete backup of my system before I did the upgrade, so I wasn’t very concerned about something going wrong.  Much to my surprise, after the upgrade, my desktop looked very similar to how it looked in Windows 7.

I ran into one problem that didn’t seem to have an obvious resolution.  With Windows 7, once an application was in full-screen mode, pressing the ESC key would bring you out of full screen.  When I pressed the ESC key in Windows 10, nothing happened. It took some experimenting, but I found that if I moved the mouse cursor to the top of the screen and left it there, a bar would drop down and there was the icon to exit full screen.  Very simple, once you know the trick.

One thought on “Exit Full Screen in Windows 10

  1. My full screen is on the calculator and AIM, that doesn’t work, there is nothing at the top of the screen when I put the mouse there.

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