How do I wake from this nightmare?

For more than a year, I had been wishing for the election season to be over because I was tired of seeing the constant political advertisements.  I could not have imagined that the post-election would be worse than what was going on before the election.

I never imagined that someone like Donald Trump would actually succeed in being elected to the office of President of the United States.  During his campaign, Trump made the statement that he would be able to go out on a street in New York, shoot someone, and his supporters would still stand by him.  Clearly, he nailed it on the head.  The people, who support Donald Trump, do so regardless of what he does or says.

My wife is a perfect example of this blind loyalty.  We have had limited political discussions about Trump.  When we have ventured to discuss him and his actions, my wife’s response is to point out bad things that other politicians have done.  So this somehow makes what Trump has said and done alright?

In this post, there is no point in listing the despicable things Donald Trump has done or said.  There are two groups of people; the group that all but worships Donald Trump, and the group that is disgusted by Donald Trump.  It is unlikely that anyone in either group will change their position, regardless of the evidence.

The issue of climate change has been a major concern of mine over the past decade.  Anyone who has been paying attention can see how the climate has been changing, and it hasn’t been for the better.  There will come a point when our actions in limiting greenhouse gas emissions will no longer matter.  Once the ice at the Earth’s poles has melted beyond a certain point, whatever actions we take will not reverse the warming.

As I see it, we’re pretty much at the tipping point right now.  The largest area in the United States with the lowest elevation is Florida.  There are major cities in Florida that are, right now, having to deal with flooding that is increasing because of the rise in sea level.  Donald Trump has said that he thinks climate change is not real, that it is a hoax.  He has vowed to increase fossil fuel production, including off-shore drilling and fracking.  He wants to back out of the Paris climate accord.  This is not a surprise to me.  I knew how Trump felt about the environment before he was elected.  Either the people voting for him weren’t paying attention or they just didn’t care.

In my opinion, our society hasn’t done enough to transition to rely on renewable energy before the election.  We have made some steps in the right direction.  Under a Trump presidency, we will do an about-face.  We really are at the point of no return.

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