Why are so many United States citizens so gullible?

I am very thankful that election day is only a few days away.  In the past few weeks, the annoying advertisements for prescription medications have been replaced by annoying political advertisements.  Very few advertisements tout just the position of a candidate or proposition.  A large number of the advertisements supporting a particular candidate are directed at the opposing candidate.  There are allegations galore of why the opposing candidate is the wrong person for the elected position.

I was watching the news this evening and the station had reporters asking likely voters who would get their vote.  I was amazed at the response by one gentleman.  He quoted, verbatim, a moniker the Republican candidate labeled the Democratic candidate in his attack ads.  The Republican had labeled the Democrat as “Dr. Tax.”  This likely voter proudly declared that there was no way he was voting for “Dr. Tax.”

When I heard the interview, I just shook my head in disgust.  As far as I’m concerned, the ads from both the Democrat and the Republican in this particular race are way out of line.  Unfortunately, the ads apparently do get traction with people, which is why they are done.

An idea occurred to me this evening.  I think the majority of the citizens of this country are swayed by what they watch on TV and they apparently cannot separate truth from fiction in what they see.  President Trump was on a TV show called The Apprentice and, apparently, a lot of people watched.  I never did.  A good portion of what the citizens of the United States believe to be true comes from what they watch on TV.  It’s no wonder that we, as a country, are so screwed up.

What am I missing?

The news continues to demonstrate that a lot of the human race has been and continues to be quite barbaric.  Saudi Arabia has been the major news story this week concerning the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi national, who was living in the United States and was a journalist for the Washington Post.  Khashoggi was apparently planning to get married.  To that end, he went to the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey for some kind of documentation.  If you are not aware of this story, you can read a news article that came out yesterday from the Associated Press, Saudi account of Khashoggi’s killing is widely denounced.

It is not very surprising to me that agents of Saudi Arabia would brutally murder an outspoken critic.  It is also not surprising that the regime of Saudi Arabia would put forward an explanation for Kashoggi’s death, which reminds me of a lie that a child might concoct to cover up some wrong doing.

Also still not surprising to me is the response by President Trump to this despicable act.  Saudi Arabia is in the process of purchasing $110 billion in arms from the United States.  President Trump, being the lover of money that he is, has refused to denounce Saudi Arabia and he has said that he believes Mohammed bin Salman’s explanation that Kashoggi’s killing was an accident.  Again, this is not surprising since Trump also did not question Vladimir Putin’s assertion that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 United States presidential election.  Trump has received a lot of money from Russia, so it follows that he is not going to question a source of money.  I wonder if Trump is really that gullible or perhaps it’s just the money?

What escapes my understanding is that there are still a lot of citizens of the United States, who continue to support Trump.  Not long after Trump was declared to be the 45th president, I wondered how long it would be before he was removed from office or resigned.  I have lost hope that either of these outcomes will occur.  We are now about a year away from the 2020 Presidential Campaign, so it seems likely that Trump will complete at least 4 years.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if he got elected to another term.

Trump’s lies and treachery are very obvious to me.  How can there be people, who do not see this?  Clearly, I must be missing something.

Oil interests will not go quietly

The relentless attacks on Tesla continued this morning with a report from the Swiss investment banking firm UBS claiming that the base model of the Model 3 will not be profitable.  Over a year ago, UBS did a tear down of a Chevrolet Bolt EV and, using that examination, determined before the Model 3 was even in production that the Model 3 would not be profitable.  UBS said they recently did a tear down of the Model 3 long range battery pack and they have concluded that, at best, the Model 3 will be a break-even product.

It’s interesting that 2 other research firms have dissected the Model 3 and concluded that the Model 3 would be very profitable to produce.  What is also interesting is that I don’t remember seeing any mainstream media coverage of the positive reports about expected Model 3 production costs.

The problem for the big oil interests is that the Tesla Model 3 is a game-changer.  I own a Model 3.  Long before I bought my Model 3, I’ve wanted to drive a car that does not use gasoline.  After driving the Model 3, it is beyond me why anyone would want to continue to drive an automobile that is not an electric vehicle.

The cost for electricity for the Model 3 is less than half what I was paying for gasoline for my Toyota Prius.  I have a charging station in my garage, so my car is charged mostly at home.  When I take long-distance trips, I use the Tesla Supercharger network, which is also less than half the cost of gasoline.  The Model 3 does not pollute the air, it is always powered by the Sun when I charge at home, and the car’s performance is well beyond anything I have ever driven.

After the UBS report, Telsa stock plunged by nearly 10%.  It apparently doesn’t matter that Tesla is selling thousands of Model 3’s a week.  The negative press aimed at Tesla is not surprising.  Tesla is threatening the century-old cash cow that is big oil.

This past week on Epic Homes, a TV show on the Discovery Channel, a $43.5 million home was showcased.  The owner was an oil trader.  Need I say more.  The oil interests will not go quietly.

Clearly, we are all living in parallel universes.

Nowadays, I still read the newspaper most everyday.  I skim past a lot of articles that are national politics in nature.  I’ve had my fill of President Trump’s shenanigans and have given up wondering why he is still the president.  There isn’t anything that he does or has done that surprises me.  What does surprise me, though, is the number of people who apparently idolize this poor excuse for a human being.

In today’s newspaper, there was an article about Twitter doing a crackdown on “bots,” which has apparently netted some live users in the process.  The crackdown apparently failed to consider that there are live people who are, in some cases, individually sending hundreds of tweets a day.  The article highlighted one woman, who was described as a 70-year-old grandmother and who spends 14 hours a day on Twitter while watching Fox News.

So, my hypothesis is that this woman, along with a lot of other folks, must be living in a parallel universe.  Nearly everything that the President has said or tweeted is demonstrably false or an exaggeration.  In that parallel universe, this either isn’t happening or it just doesn’t matter.  Maybe this is why it is so hard for me to understand.  The pro-Trump folks are in one universe and I am in another.

If you are with me in same universe, you are probably wondering as I am about when the other universe will collapse.  Maybe it will never collapse.  Maybe this is the new reality.  I have given up worrying about it.  My only consolation is that my universe makes sense and the other one doesn’t.

The Power of the Media

Most people I know are aware of Tesla because of my interest in the company and the fact that I am waiting for my turn to buy a Model 3.  Yesterday, I visited one of my friends, who needed help installing a streaming device on his TV.  His first comment to me reinforced what I already know about the news media.  People believe what they see or read in the news media, regardless of the truth.

My friend asked me what I was going to do for a new car now that Tesla is going bankrupt.  He was not joking, but was very serious.  He had read or seen one of the numerous stories about how Tesla is faltering and had not considered that, perhaps, what he was being told was not true.

What my friend didn’t see in the news is that the Tesla Model 3 was the best selling electric vehicle in the United States during the first quarter of this year.  The only news he saw was that a Tesla was involved in a fatal traffic accident here in California and that Tesla is going broke.

It’s unfortunate that someone lost their life in the accident while driving a Tesla Model X.  Why does the media focus on the fact that the vehicle was a Tesla?  This morning, I saw a news report of a 10-car traffic accident in my area where there were 2 fatalities.  There was no mention of what car makes were involved in this accident.

During the week leading up to the end of the last quarter, there were a number of news stories that attacked Tesla’s viability.  As a result, Tesla stock fell at one point by about 15%.  Tesla is making and selling cars that people are lined up to buy.  The news media doesn’t report this and people believe what the news media is telling them.

I have drastically changed how I keep up with what is happening in the world.  The news broadcasts on major networks are more show than news.  When the subject of Tesla is raised, I rely on these 2 facts.  Tesla is the only major car maker building only EV’s and they have a large number of people as owners and owners-in-waiting, who believe in what the company is doing.  Anything negative, designed to keep us driving internal combustion engines, is just static.