Voyage 30

Barcelona, Spain to Mallorca, Spain
August 4-5, 2018

Day 1 – Saturday, August 4, 2018

barcelona_mallorcatnI have been in Barcelona since Monday.  Barcelona is a nice city, but it is a city and I’m feeling a little crowded.  I decided that it was time to move to the Island of Mallorca.  It’s only about 150 nm to the south of Barcelona, so it shouldn’t take me long to get there.  After breakfast, I plan to set out for my next port-of-call.

At about 7:00 AM, I pulled in my dock lines, raised the sails, and headed out of the marina.  By 7:15 AM, I was at sea and headed south at about 3.5 knots.  There was not much wind this morning, but I’m not in a hurry, so the lack of wind is not a problem.  It’s another beautiful day, sailing the Mediterranean.

The day was uneventful.  The wind continued blowing 5-10 knots and I sailed on the broad reach all day.

Day 2 – Sunday, August 5, 2018

At about 5:30 AM, I reached the southwestern tip of Mallorca.  Sailing around into Palma proved to be the slowest part of the voyage.  Because of the wind direction, I had to tack back and forth to get into the marina.  I settled into my birth at the marina at about 1:00 PM.  Time to explore this island and to plan for my next port-of-call, Gibraltar.

08/05/2018 1100 UTC – 39º 33.44′ N 2º 37.77′ E